Федеральное агентство лесного хозяйства (Рослесхоз)

ФГУП «Рослесинфорг»


The use of advanced technological methods has for many years allowed Avialesookhrana to be at the forefront of forestry work in the Russian Federation. Currently, with the adoption of the new Forest Codex, the role of the Central Airbase of Avialesookhrana has changed. The property of the various bases has devolved to the regions, and our personnel are working in the following directions:
1. Monitoring forest fire danger with the goal of predicting and detecting forest fires, and evaluating their effects;
2. Evaluating the technical effectiveness of fire protection work by the regions of the Russian Federation;
3. Aerial monitoring of fire danger in the forests of the Moscow Region;
4. Monitoring the organization and condition of forest use;
5. Evaluation of expenditures on forest fire protection by the regions;
6. Training and upgrading qualifications of specialists in fire monitoring, at the established aerial training center;
7. Developing international cooperation in the area of advanced fire monitoring technology;
8. Innovative marketing and accompanying development of new firefighting technology;
9. Development of standards and rules in the areas of fire danger monitoring and forest fire protection.


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